Concrete Pontoon

The Concrete Pontoon System uses a heavy duty concrete

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Aluminium Pontoon

The Aluminium Pontoon System is a medium duty option..

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Plastic Pontoon

Plastic Pontoon System is an alternative...

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Kikko Net

Kikko Net is a semi-rigid net system made of polyester

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The Aluminium Pontoon System is a medium duty option that incorporates a custom extruded waler design that allows for an effective finish and versatility.

The flotation system is made of hard wearing polyethylene floats which bolt to the aluminium super structure and do not deteriorate in a marine environment. Hardwood timber decking or a variety of composite deckings can be used to finish the surface.

The Aluminium Pontoon System System is ideal for commercial and club marinas, with the timber decking providing a very pleasing aesthetic look and function.

The Aluminium Pontoon System uses polyethylene rotomoulded floats with an aluminium structure and a timber or composite deck. The finish is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for all types of commercial and club marinas and is exported to a number of countries.

PMM can provide engineer certified drawings, statutory approvals, piling, manufacture, installation and project management services . They will also manage the removal or replacement of existing structures if required. Superior Marinas are a repeat supplier of project solutions for state and local governments and international public authorities.


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